The opportunity of an unpaid internship took me to TV Metropole, a station connected to the now extinct Rede Manchete de Televisao, in Campinas, the country side of Sao Paulo, in April of 1987. At the time I was 17 years old and studied Journalism at PUCCAMP as well as helped with tasks around the station, studio and external facilities. In June of that year, on a holiday of Corpus Christi, I did my first news report. Nothing genius: the movement along the local bus station, roads, and railways. I would later do hundreds more on other holidays.

Two years later, in 1989, I was transfered to the TV Manchete in Sao Paulo, where I stayed until I moved to Portugal. I finished my studies at the Superior School of Journalism of Porto (Escola Superior de Jornalismo do Porto), in July of 1992 and returned to Manchete.

In 1993 I began working for Rede Globo, initially in Sao Jose dos Campos in the country side of Sao Paulo, and later in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I was a special news reporter for Central Globo Journalism for 15 years, during which I was divided among Jornal Nacional, Globo Reporter, and Fantastico. In the last three years, I dedicated myself exclusively to Fantastico as a reporter and editor.
The central archived documentation at Rede Globo, Central de Documentacao da Rede Globo, shows that from 1993 to 2007 I signed a total of 1003 news stories for the station. Not counting the stories done in twenty-five brazilian states, I covered stories in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, United States, France, South Africa, and Antarctica.
I changed stations in May of 2008. Still in Rio de Janeiro, I participated in the creation of the Nucleo de Reportagens Especiais da Rede Record, a nucleus of Rede Record’s special stories. The Nucleo’s function was to produce, film, and edit a series of stories for the Jornal da Record (nightly news), as well as special stories for Domingo Espetacular (aired every sunday). I put together a team partly composed of the one I had worked with at Rede Globo and through the course of a year and a half I helped in the development of new producers, editors, and cameramen. Through the Nucleo in Rio I traveled to the United States, Dominican Republic, Russia and Canada, where I covered the Vancouver Olympics, the first great coverage of winter games in brazilian telivision.
In August of 2010 I accepted the position as foreign correspondent at the Rede Record in New York. I cover stories of international relevance, as well as special news stories around the United States, Canada, and Mexico. I was part of the team sent to Mexico by Rede Record to cover the Pan American Games in Guadalajara.
I continue on a restless search of new challenges, knowing that a good journalist boosts ratings, has credibility, and above all, cares for the individual rights of every citizen and the State of Democratic Rights.

This profile will be frequently updated.
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