Workshops/Opportunity, Planning, and Teamwork
In situations of extreme risk, failure is simply unacceptable. It does not simply compromise the expected outcome of a project; when there are lives at stake, mistakes in planning or execution usually end tragically. I propose a discussion on ideals and a reflection of business routines based on personal experiences lived in three different environments.

In The Ocean
Technical dives in great depths require great amounts of planning. The use of multiple different gases can be extremely dangerous if the proper security precautions are not taken.
-“Plan your dive and dive into your plan.” - How does this apply to your business?

In Arctic Regions
The tallest mountain in Western Europe, the Mont Blanc in France, is treacherous and takes lives every year. In what way does lack of planning and failure of execution lead to the death of some of the most experienced climbers?

In the Air
Flying alongside the Brazilian Aerial Demonstration Squadron, popularly known as the Smoke Squadron and recognized worldwide as one of the greatest air force demonstration squadrons in the world, is one of the most intense and unforgettable experiences in life. Even among such an experienced team, each individual pilot’s expertise and trust in the team is incredibly essential to the mission at hand. Trusting your own life in the hands of another... who would do it?

-“Turning over an agenda” or “trying to get blood from a stone”. 
Still referring to personal experiences, such small opportunities opened the doors to such great achievements.

A summer sale, a shooting, death by cold blooded murder. The account of how a seemingly trivial report took me to one of the most important awards in Brazilian press. 

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