Publisher: Editora Fundamento
The Hollow Stump
Vaguinho, a fire-fly, and his friends, a termite, a butterfly, a ladybug, a grasshopper, and an African bee, are at risk of not being able to study anymore. Their school, “The Hollow Stump”, might be nocked down at any moment and have the same end as the other trees that used to reside next to her. To avoid the worst, the class gets together and counts with the help of two owls, retired teachers. Now they must come up with a flawless plan to defend their school from the chainsaws.

This is the plot of the short story, “The Hollow Stump”, by journalists Vinícius Dônola and Roberta Salomone. Educational and politically correct, the story refers to environmental issues using comprehensible up to date language. Aimed at children of ages 4 to 9, the fable is informative and entertaining. “We aimed at writing in a way that could be appreciated by both children and their parents,” explains Vinícius. This is Vinícius Dônola and Roberta Salomone’s first venture into literature. “The idea for the book came from a big game,” remembers Roberta. “It was like this, playing parents, that characters began to gain life in our minds,” she says.
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